Our Tree Removal Services include:

Our Everyday sevices



  • Difficult/dangerous tree removal
  • Tree shaping and pruning
  • Stump grinding to below ground level
  • Storm and emergency clearance
  • Palm cleaning and maintenance  

Our Commercial services



  • Rental property maintenance
  • Strata maintenance
  • Insurance reports
  • Arboricultural reports
  • DA assistance (all councils)  for guaranteed jobs only 

Specialist Services Available:



  • Crane/cherry picker/ 4x4 truck services all available
  • Difficult access specialists
  • Tree transplanting

Our Tree Philosophy


Our Philosophy is to work with the trees and owners to achieve best results. We like to check that removal is necessary or advisable and of course we are highly experienced in removal even in tight situations; but we do love to sculpt and trim trees if desired, to offer a longer safer and happier life for them! 

Our Non-negotiables


We will ALWAYS leave a site as clean as we found it or cleaner, Staff will ALWAYS be respectful and polite to clients, you know your job best, and we ALWAYS endeavor to go above your expectations with promptness, politeness and professionalism and price! 

Did you know?


Tree Removal and Trimming goes by many names: Tree lopping, Arborist, Treelopper etc.. but the correct term is arborist! Tom has over 20 years caring for trees, and loves to do them justice either in removing if nessecary or trimming for best growth if possible.